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Monday, 7 October 2013

Days of Delays

Boy was this week a crazy one.

I think I stayed up past one o'clock every day except last night, when I collapsed, exhausted, onto the floor after an entire day of hauling boxes up stairs. In movies the characters seem to have so much fun moving house - all the bright new spaces and sepia-toned cardboard boxes mingling in the autumn air.... It's all lies. I suppose the fact that we were moving into an unfinished house may have impacted the overall experience, but let me tell you that I don't ever want to move again. Period.

Moving has also made me realize how much crap I own. Like, seriously, do I really need ten Christmas sweaters and fifty back issues of Seventeen? In my hoarder-ish mind these quantities used to make perfect sense, cause I never knew when I'd need to wear all the sweaters at once (à la school Christmas 2012) or make a bunch of inspiration collages (à la every binder I've owned since 2008). But after my time spent in residence, and my time spent this weekend moving all my family's worldly belongings, I can conclusively say that I've recovered slightly from my hoarding illness. I'm content just shopping for things in the vintage junk shop that is my mom's studio.

Because of all this busy busy-ness, I'm providing you with (gasp) five-day-old pictures. These were taken before the rain came; before the city began to look and smell like fall. In another unusual manner, I'm wearing an outfit that I've worn three times before. I never ever ever wear the exact same outfit twice, but this just works so well for so many situations that I keep veering back to it whenever I'm in a style rut, which I hate to admit happens 5/7 days a week. This outfit is a new classic.

I'm in love with these American Eagle jeans - never before have I fell so hard for a pair of denim pants. And this blazer... Anna picked it out for me for my birthday, and it's abso-bloody-lutely perfect, and I will forever be indebted to her. It's fancy enough to be fancy, but the casual oversized shape can be dressed down for everyday wear. My top was $2 from St. Vinnie's (one of the cheapest and cutest charity shops in Guelph) and my shoes are the little beauties I bought in Poland last summer. And this wicker box purse kind of fell into this outfit accidentally - I was drawing it in class right before Georgia and I went out to take photos, and I felt an insatiable need to bring it along for the ride.

Hope you're having a jolly good Monday - be sure to mark your calendars for a new post later this week!

Big thanks go out to Georgia, for the photography; another big thanks to my friend Dylan who came along and was a hybrid model / coach / stylist / fashion extraordinaire. Je vous aime beaucoup!

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