freckled fashion: November 2013

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


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 Who doesn't love Chewbacca? (I know I do…)

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fashion, style, blogger
I Invested in some sparkly headbands to help with the awkward pixie/bob transition

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 "Look at the one-legged pigeon and the tailless squirrel!"

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Tapestry Purse from Meow! in Guelph

Peacoat : Goodwill | Top : Elizabeth & James | Skirt : Ralph Lauren | Boots : Sears

Thanks to my Fundamental's lecture (and every art class I've taken since grade 3) I know that this colour scheme is called monochromatic, meaning it's all of one chroma. As in one colour. In a bunch of different tints, tones and shades. Of one colour. The best colour. My favorite colour. OXBLOOD.

Have you ever thought about why it's called oxblood, exactly? It's dictionary-defined as a dark reddish-brown colour, so I suppose it's just meant to portray the colour of an ox's blood. But why not call it rabbitblood? Or cowblood? Or mosquitoblood? Lord knows we get enough of that colour on our skin every summer, when we squash 'em and they explode. #eww

The oxblood I love seems to be more purpley than the average blood of an ox, so maybe this one ate more violets than all the other oxen while roaming through green pastures. Or it took more snack breaks when it was supposed to be pulling a cart or something. Either way, I like the ox when it's greedy or lazy - both are words that describe me at this very moment in my life. Who ate an entire bag of chocolate almonds while watching the Vampire Diaries? Not me. I swear on the life of that purple ox over there.

I love to dress up and feel fancy, but it just takes a little injection of extra effort and confidence in the morning. Note to self: Try a little harder. Today was one of those awesome days when an outfit falls into place effortlessly, so I think I may try the monochromatic thing more often. My gold and oxblood peacoat is vintage and Canadian-made (both very attractive qualities in a garment) and makes any outfit look très chic. This skirt was featured in one of my earlier posts (click here), and will forever be a crowd pleaser thanks to Ralph and his magical designer sewing kit. This is the top I got in New York which I absolutely adore (Thanks Mary-Kate and Ashley!), and I wish I could wear it everyday. I almost snagged it on my fridge (how is that even possible?) and nearly cried.

The most important part of this outfit for me would have to be the headband - I finally gave into the peer pressure I've been receiving from my hair and bought not one, not two, but six new headbands from Ardene. They may be cheap and plastic, but they get the job done right. Update: In three months my hair has grown the length of my ear. Only three more months to go before I can put it into a tiny pony (ox) tail!

My art history essay is calling me. Adios!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Winter Woolies

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Can it please be Christmas already??! Since the passing of Halloween all I can think about is how close Christmas is. A month and nineteen days; one-thousand-two-hundred and twenty-four hours. I find it extremely difficult to stop myself from humming Christmas carols while I'm collaging in the common room (sorry guys… I hum a lot). I mean, I don't really want all the chilliness and snowiness and the city slush. I just want to feel nostalgic. And like a little kid again.

With Christmas comes the end of my first semester of university. I won't bore you will all the details, but all this work we've been doing since September is getting kind of crazy. I need a break, stat. I also need to go shopping.

This all-white ensemble (finally) features my beautiful Ann Ren coat, in all its lacey and delicate glory. Peeking out from under the hem is the white dress I wore in my first-ever post (curious cats... click here), and on my feet are a simple pair of black Old Navy flats. The most important part of this outfit is, however, the socks.

For the longest time, all I wanted was thigh-high socks. It was an insatiable need; one that just couldn't seem to be quenched. You see, I always encounter a little problem, and it goes something like this:

(long legs) + (an average person's definition of thigh high) = too short socks

Luckily, these socks equated to the better side - at least they go above my knee. A little bit. They're just too cool to leave in my sock drawer though, so on the days when I wear them I'll have to add extra layers on top for warmth.

If you want to get a pair of these socks, head on over to floorplaysocks on Queen St. West. It's basically just a store filled with socks. What could be more amazing?!